On Beach with My Mother

My mother is another image of sea. But she never visit a sea in her life.

Once when we all were at home in Diwali occasion she wished of visiting Beach in front of us. I immediately decided to take her to Akshi Beach at Alibag. Alibag is around 150 to 160 Km from Pune. So it is a trip on one day. Naturally we weak-up early in the morning.  My wife prepared tiffin for us and we left the home. We reached to Alibag via Lonawla Khandala.

We think that we are marching towards the sea but When we were proceeding towards Beach there was a sense of our mind that sea it self moving towards us with love. But truth is that the distance between us is reducing. Finally my mother stepped in the the sea sand and she smiled with deeply closing eyes. When sea water hold our feet and sand under our feet start moving we felt the we are dissolving in the sea.


I have to much attraction of of water and sea. I forget myself when i am with beach. I don’t know what happen when i went in the valleys of Himalayas.I don’t know what i feel while catching Snow at Kashmir. When we reached we saw the crowd of people forgetting them self while becoming the part of sea.

From where these people are ? Someone from Tamilnadu………someone from Kerala………Someone from karnataka……. and may be from other parts of India. All forget the boundaries of their region……..and all were enjoying equally with height of enthusiasm. I seen that these people forget selfishness……… there egoistic nature……….there anger………and just showing the sign of humanness.

Game, Game on beach

These peoples playing Kabbadi were from which state ………of which caste……. of which religion i didn’t know they are keeping a batter example in front of us about how to leave life with Joy.

Great Maratha King Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj build many sea fort in the stage of formation of Swarajya to strengthen it. That spirit must be some where inside us so somebody trying to build this sea fort.

Most of the people looking for luxurious facilities, delicious food when they went for such enjoyment. But we bring food prepared at our home with us. We taking lunch with two sea One is my mother and other is the sea at Akshi Beach.


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